Why Does a Soccer Ball Bend?
Physics can often be used to explain soccer, and the behavior of the ball. Adam Beehler, from the University of Utah's Department of Physics, describes what makes the soccer ball bend. Click here to see the video!
Physics of Basketball!
Check out our newest poster, featuring Adam Beehler from U Physics and Astronomy, and Kim Gaucher from U Basketball!
The Healthy STEM 5K and Fair on Saturday, May 31st, was a success!
The Sports 'n Science program co-sponsored the Utah State Office of Education's Healthy STEM event. Over 300 runners and 20 STEM organizations converged on the University of Utah campus for a morning of STEM learning and healthy activity.
New Running Poster
Our newest poster features Rosalie Waller from the U Track team, and the anatomy and physiology of running. Request a poster online.
Physics of Freestyle Event
The idea of pairing sports with science is catching on! The College of Science hosted a Physics of Freestyle event in Park City on March 21, 2014.
Physics of Basketball Pilot Program
In 2013, Sports 'n Science developed a "Physics of Basketball" activity for 6-8 graders. Learn more about our programs under the "K-12 Teaching" tab.
Congratulations to our winners!
Thank you to all who participated in our Sports 'n Science poster feedback and prize drawing! We have notified our winners by email. Congratulations to Jennifer M. (Utes Apparel), Jennifer B. (Science Kit), and Cynthia L. (Sports and Science books)!
Sports 'n Science Ski Poster
The Sports 'n Science ski poster features Alpine Skier Tim Hribar. Utah took 2nd place at the 2013 NCAA Championships.
Scientist-Athlete Profile
Former MIT football player and Dean of the Graduate School Dave Kieda highlights his life work and also his time as an athlete during his undergraduate years.
Request SnS Posters
Sports ‘n Science creates posters for the K-12 community to show the science behind the sport and pair athletes with scientists. Request printed posters for your school, classroom, or program.

Request SnS Posters

Sports ‘n Science creates posters for the K-12 community to show the science behind a variety of sports including football, basketball, gymnastics, skiiing, and track.


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