Hot or Cold: How Temperature Affects Sports

Fig2Crespo We are always interested in knowing how hot or cold our day is going to be so we can plan for the day ahead of us. No matter what activities we plan, we want to accomplish them without unnecessary distress. Different ambient temperatures might encourage us to engage in outdoor activities, such as practicing sports, or postponing them for another time. Since any type of exercise produces heat as by-product, accumulation of too much heat in excessively high ambient temperatures can compromise athletic performance. This detriment to athletic performance can also arise when ambient temperatures are excessively low. Our bodies cope with changes in temperature through different thermoregulatory processes. However, without taking proper precautions prior to and after exercising, this regulation of body temperature might not be enough, and cannot only make us feel uncomfortable, but also put our health at risk.

Learn the basics of temperature and sports or read the more technical explanation.

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