Why Sports and Science?

scienceOfThePunt20120619_0104Sports and recreation are integral parts of our lives, providing a way of interacting and understanding the world. Through play, we develop physically, socially, and intellectually. Sports cultivate our sense of fun and also provide a healthy outlet for competition.

Science is another way of knowing the world. Through asking questions, collecting and analyzing observational and experimental data, and communicating results through the scientific record, scientists come to understand patterns and processes, and make predictions about the way things work. Science and sports are complementary.  Sports ‘n Science  brings together these two fields in unique and innovative ways.


The Sports ‘n Science program was created in 2012 by Dr. Nalini Nadkarni as a collaborative effort between the University of Utah Athletics Department and the Center for Science and Mathematics Education. The program aims to enhance the connections between sports and science at the University of Utah and within the community.

Through the popularity of sports, Sports ‘n Science disseminates scientific information to public audiences at sports events, schools, and camps with presentations, posters and videos. Sports ‘n Science aims to illustrate the science behind a diverse set of sports and to encourage people to recognize the role of science in their everyday lives.


Sports ‘n Science includes three main program areas:

1. A Public Awareness campaign to illustrate the connection between sports and science

2. A website with educational information on the Science Behind the Sport and links to sports science research at the University of Utah

3. Educational K-12 Activities<