Other Videos

Many organizations have videos demonstrating the science behind sports. Check out this selection of videos on the Science of Golf, Baseball, Basketball, Lacrosse, and the Winter Olympics! Click here to learn about other websites related to sports science.

NBC Learn: Science of Golf

NBC Learn, in partnership with the United States Golf Association and Chevron, explores the science of golf. Check back regularly for new stories and lesson plans by the National Science Teachers Association.

Exploratorium’s Science Of Baseball

See what went on during the Exploratorium’s Science of Baseball event at the San Francisco Giants’ game at AT&T Park on May 29th, 2010!

ESPN Sport Science: Klay Thompson

Golden State guard Klay Thompson shows that his shooting form is so good that he doesn’t need to see the basket.

ESPN Sport Science: Paul Rabil Lacrosse Shot

Both fast and accurate, a lacrosse ball can reach speeds up to 100 MPH. When the Boston Cannons’ Paul Rabil throws, it hits 111. Sport Science takes a look at the science behind a lacrosse shot.

Science of the Winter Olympic Games: Engineering Competition Suits

At the 2014 Olympics, long track speed skater Shani Davis wore what may be one of the most advanced competition suits ever engineered. Under Armour Innovation lab’s Kevin Haley and polymer scientist and engineer Sarah Morgan, of the University of Southern Mississippi, explain how competition suits help improve athlete performance by reducing friction and improving aerodynamics.