Fast and Furious: How Muscle Fiber Type Influences Basketball Performance

Muscle-fibers-631x421Professional athletes use a unique combination of speed, agility, strength, and power to stand apart from the rest. This winning combination of traits is largely due to the slow-twitch (ST) and fast-twitch (FT) fibers found in their muscles. ST fibers are important for endurance, as they allow the muscles to contract at a slow rate for a long time. On the other hand, FT fibers contract fast and hard, but only for a short time, and are important for sprinting. The body first turns to the ST fibers for movement, then focuses on the FT fibers in their legs, calves, and buttocks as the athlete increases speed. A combination of balance, lateral movement, T-drill exercises, and core training are important to increase this muscle response time and maximize gains.

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